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TALKAM is a civic tech initiative dedicated to addressing human rights abuses, promoting and protecting human rights and stimulating reportage and actions among CITIZENS, AGENCIES AND ORGANIZATIONS.

Our goal is to use technology to disrupt human rights abuses, ensuring that victims become victors while perpetrators face the law. TALKAM is a global human rights platform from Africa to the World and has been used across different countries to report and respond to abuses and rescue victims.

Every case reported via TALKAM App will be responded to, and appropriate organizations/agencies will be engaged to take necessary actions on them. Citizens across different countries and continents can access and use the App.


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In February 2017, TALKAM was conceived by Joseph Osuigwe, after observing low reportage of human trafficking, slow response to reported cases and by recognizing the need to leverage technology in countering trafficking.  In a bid to stimulate citizens to take the responsibility of monitoring and reporting human trafficking, the word, TALKAM (a pidgin English meaning “To Speak Out”) was crafted. Joseph Osuigwe carried out a preliminary factinding to understand the acceptability of technology tool for reporting human trafficking in Nigeria.

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In October 2018, with individual contributions, the first version of the TALKAM App (progressive app) was developed in its most basic form. This was used to document human rights abuses cases in Nigeria and other countries.

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With support from Institute for War and Peace Reporting (IWPR) and International Centre for Investigative Reporting (ICIR), TALKAM App was publicized through TALKAM weekly radio program and citizens started using the App to report human trafficking and gender-based violence.

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During COVID19, the U.S Embassy Nigeria supports TALKAM  (under the TALKAM Against Human Rights Abuses Project). TALKAM App was used to document and respond to online sexual abuse, human trafficking, and other related abuses.

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Through the support from U.S Embassy Nigeria, Accion Contra La Trata, and Pamplona City Council, TALKAM App was promoted across 10 states in Nigeria, gathering reports of abuses within and outside Nigeria, as well as engaging The National Agency for Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP) to rapidly respond to them.

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DEVATOP received support from the U. S Embassy Nigeria, USAID, Palladium and Nigerian Companies to upgrade the TALKAM App and expand its reach.

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In October 2023, the upgraded version of TALKAM App was released for public use.

TALKAM App is not just a reporting platform; it is:

A human rights social networking platform.

A platform for human rights online courses.

A platform to access directories of human rights organizations.

A platform for human rights case management.

A platform for the publication of human rights information.


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